34 WebVR concepts showcased from 13 countries: the Czech Republic, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Finland, France, Spain, Russia, India, Belgium and the Netherlands.


What is WebVR?

It’s a free JavaScript API — developed as an open-source project — that runs straight out of a web browser, which is all you need to load it up on your laptop or mobile and get started.

Who is eligible to participate?


What do I need to get started?

Make sure you’ve read the Competition and ING Challenge pages. These explain in detail the task before you and the resources to aid.

How long does it take for my submission to be reviewed?

Up to 48 hours.

What happens if my submission is rejected?

You can always reapply once you’ve improved your concept in the ways we have described in the rejection email.

Why are the prizes themed to Amsterdam?

The hackathon doesn’t simply end after we’ve selected the winners. We want to create an experience that is ongoing between hackathons. Even if you’re not a winner, you’ll be provided with a window to what they experience once they set foot in Holland and take their concepts to the next level. Stay tuned to learn more!

Isn’t 90-days excessively outside the scope of what is commonly understood as a hackathon?

Yes and no. There are no limits to the definition of what a hackathon is or isn’t. It’s all about the impact we’re looking to have here. At this scale, we can have an enormous impact, and so can all of you.

Can I submit more than one concept?

Yes, the more the merrier, but make sure you don't sacrifice quality for quantity.

Who owns the IP of what is created?

You do, and by design since you store everything on GitHub or whichever repository of your choice.