Our biometric algorithms translate body postures, gestures, and motion into psychographics and demographics about users in VR and AR environments.

How it works

We leverage neuroscience research and machine learning to extract profound meaning out of the new data points captured by VR and AR devices.

Our biometric algorithms are designed to track and profile the physical, physiological, and psychological state of each user. The three cardinal metrics we have developed map out different aspects and dimensions of human cognition.


The machine learning of the tracking algorithms can anticipate behavioral patterns at a both user and population level, which allows our API to offer predictive analytics so that you can understand your users without the need for surveys.

Virtuleap at work

Maximum Accessibility

Virtuleap’s API has the capacity to detect and adapt immersive content to the accessibility needs of each and every individual in order to achieve maximum user comfort. For example, it can identify the optimum range of motion for a user in a particular setting such as being temporarily boarded on an airplane or otherwise due to mobility restrictions. It can similarly identify sensory impairments as well as cater to the ideal UX parameters based on user preferences, such as the color contrast and font settings.


A VR edutainment app that features gamified experiments that are powered by our biometric algorithms. After each experience, players gets a psychographic report about how their brain works, and how they respond and react in different situations. The Attention Lab showcases Virtuleap's neurotech in action while also serving as an R&D hub for stress testing new mathematical models and training the machine learning. Check out the teaser video below!

in the news

XR Community Outreach

Virtuleap works with its global partners to foster the creator community by catalyzing immersive content creation as the host of the Global WebXR Hackathon.

The annual event is an opportunity for web-based VR and AR creators to build creative applications that push the envelope of human interaction in immersive environments.

Virtuleap is also the host of the official A-Frame NYC and the WebXR New York meetup groups, partnering with Parsons/New School and NYU to create a strong presence in the local creator community.

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