Gaze-At-Ratio (GAR)

The Gaze-At-Ratio (GAR) is a new metric standard that offers a way to value and monetize user attention in XR environments without disrupting the content or the user experience.

How it works

The GAR is an algorithm that allows us to calculate and determine the value of a user’s attention to any object, be it a 2D banner pasted on the wall or a 3D object placed in the scene.

The GAR rate factors in the relative direction, distance, duration, and depth of a user’s orientation to the ad object, which begins to rise the moment an object enters their field of view, and accelerates with proximity and focus.

As the users' attention is dragged towards an object more directly, the GAR rate will increase and the value of the impression accelerates. Thanks to our GAR library, all this works with just a couple lines of code tagged to the object, and doesn't slow down the original experience.

A non-disruptive metric to measure user attention and drive XR monetization

The depth of engagement in VR and AR (called XR to regroup) is unprecedented and with it comes a huge step forward in terms of what can be measured. The affinity between a user and virtual objects can now be tracked fluidly and the value of this attention can be determined with perfect precision.


Check out this 2-min demo that walks you through how easy it is to plug-in the GAR into your XR experience using our publisher platform.

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